“Flushable” Wipes

Clovercreek MUD and TNG Utility would like to do our part in being fiscally responsible with your dollars by providing the following information:
With recent shortages on essential items such as toilet paper, many are experimenting with alternatives- namely “flushable” wipes. Please be aware that while “flushable” wipes will often pass through your plumbing, they do not break down and wreak havoc on your District facilities. Very expensive pumps, motors and equipment that your water bills and MUD taxes fund are overloaded with the influx of these foreign items, and it is important to us that we educate the residents of Clovercreek that “flushable” wipes have become a crisis for the water & wastewater industry. As you know, your water/sewer bills fund the repairs made necessary by these wipes and our 5 year average annual expense in fighting this problem ($7,000/year) has more than doubled ($15,000) through May 2021.

If this continues these costs will have to be passed along to the residents via raised water/sewer costs or elevated tax rates. Any assistance you may offer by changing your habits to traditional paper hygiene items would be greatly appreciated as well as ensure the long-term financial security of the District and limit the impact on you the residents.