Progress Update on Clovercreek MUD’s New Water Well: Navigating Construction, Sound Mitigation, and Scheduled Operations

Clovercreek MUD is in the process of constructing a 250 gallon per minute Water Well at the South-East corner of the intersection of Cloverleaf Drive and Forest Hill Drive. Construction is expected to be completed by October of 2024.

Please note that some well development tasks require 24-hour tests. For that reason, we are planning on installing a sound wall around the perimeter of the site which will reduce the noise generated from such activities.

Currently the contractor is collecting water samples from the test hole. Water sampling is expected to be completed by the Friday before Christmas, 12/22/23. After that, the contractor will move off site for a month while we wait for lab results. Water well construction operations are expected to resume on 1/23/24.

By then, we will have a sound wall installed around the perimeter of the site. Please note that construction activities that do NOT require 24-hour testing are restricted to Monday thru Saturday, 7:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. We will provide another construction schedule update by end of January 2024.